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Urgent care services are currently not available.
Coming soon...

We will be providing the following Urgent care services at our Medical center & Urgent care clinic (Radiance Medical).

Equipment: Procedure Room and ECG

Urgent care: non-life-threatening condition management (Wound, minor trauma, stitching, stitch removal, minor burn, etc.)

For complex or urgent, non-life-threatening health concerns. Urgent care services are for people who have unexpected but non-life-threatening health concerns that usually require same-day treatment. Some examples include:

Allergic reactions and asthma

Cuts, burns, bug bites, and animal bites

Falls, sprains, strains, and broken bones

Colds and flues

Pink eye · Ear infections & sinus infections (sinusitis)

Bronchitis and bronchial asthma

Persistent vomiting, etc.