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Welcome to Radiance Medical

Radiance Medical is a healthcare medical center established in April 2021. At Radiance medical clinic and pharmacy, we have a dedicated team of highly qualified doctors and family practitioners who provide fair treatment to patients.

We established our healthcare clinic to offer all health-seeking individuals immediate medical assistance. Since 2017 we have been international medical graduates who successfully obtained a medical license to practice in Canada.

Being Healthy Is Never an Option -
Always a Priority

Radiance Medical is a healthcare clinic or medical center that offers a wide range of treatment facilities, from accepting new patients as a walk-in clinic, family practice, women’s health concerns, weight management programs to cardiac rehabilitation programs – providing urgent care is our primary feat. For us, you and your health always come as the top priority. We believe that being healthy is never an option – always a priority. Our main focus will be to provide the best treatment care to all patients fighting different diseases. Our family doctor accepts new patients and gives them proper care convenience.

Where We Commit to Compassion
with care

Despite the current emphasis on patient medical records, healthcare professionals face numerous challenges that impede their ability to provide empathetic care that eases concerns, distress, or suffering. But we at The Radiance Medical and Urgent care clinic provide a compassionate healthcare system that begins with sympathetic people. We are a medical center that provides integrated health care services, family practice, urgent care. Other services include mental health, pharmacy, special rehabilitation programs related to women’s health, weight management, cardiac rehabilitation, and other compassions. Our medical industry caters to patients of all ages and genders

Our Defining Attributes

A healthcare profession is meaningless if not efficient and vigilant. Similarly, being compassionate always serves as a plus point in shaping your healthy life and providing qualities. Ultimately, it adds to our defining attributes that outline our services.

Qualified Professionals

Qualified Professionals

All our qualified professionals receive years of training before working on-field to obtain a medical license to practice in Canada. So, don’t worry about your health concerns. You will always be in caring and empathetic hands with us.

Patient-Centered Care Approach

Patient-Centered Care Approach

We have a patient-centered supervision approach to treat all our people regardless of race, ethnicity, age, or gender. In caring so, we get to the root causes of the disease or ailment before prescribing a treatment option that works.


Dedication to Perfection

We’re nothing if not careful. We are a dedicated team that doesn’t compromise on urgent care always cares for our people with perfection. That’s why our professional consultants are always on their feet, one call away to get in touch with expert health advice and consultation.

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Career Opportunity

We are always looking to expand our team here at Radiance Medical and Urgent Care.

As we continue to grow and build a great team, we are able to accommodate a full practice or new physician!


For more information, contact us or,
Send your resume at:  contact@radiancemedical.ca